Infection Risk Transmission Analysis

The Sars-COV-2 virus has been the cause of the Pandemic since December 2019. A large portion of cases is due to aerosol transmission and our team has unparalleled experience in assessment of transmission risk of the COVID-19 in various settings, as well as generating options to reduce the risk of airborne transmission. Using a peer-reviewed CODIV-19 Risk Calculator, our team can undertake a steady state assessment of occupied spaces to determine the risk of transmission. More complex settings and operations can also be assessed through further dynamic computational modelling, which can then be supported and validated with subsequent site-based testing and measurements for a full suite of risk based analytic services to enable fully considered risk-based mitigation strategies to be generated. This approach can also be undertaken for any other aerosol-based risk of transmission (such as influenza).

Microscope close-up of the coronavirus covid-19 disease. 2019-nCoV spreading in body cell. 3D rendering of the bacteria on a microscopic level.

Undertaking a rigorous risk-based assessment will enable Clients the opportunity to consider the most appropriate risk mitigation strategies for their settings and circumstances. Simple handbooks can also be prepared to assist in clear guidance on how to implement the relevant strategies. Once implemented, Clients will have the peace of mind that their settings are COVID-considered to prepare for safer occupation of these spaces.