Independent Reviewer

Although all engineers strive to design to the highest quality and meet relevant compliance requirements, in some cases clients wish for the designs to be reviewed by a third party outside of the current project team. In design this allows for consideration of recent best practice or innovative trends, to comply with a specific project clause (note; Peer review is sometimes a necessary engagement in some large scale and/or complex projects), to consider further value engineering, or simply for peace of mind. In construction, independent review primarily ensures systems are installed in accordance with the contract scope and requirements, however, our obligations will not be limited to this as we are always mindful of our responsibility to identify any installations which may be technically incorrect or unsafe (but may be as per the contract scope).

Blue centrifugal fan with huge industrial ductworks

Projects are benchmarked to the latest industry trends and best practice outcomes. Peace of mind for Clients. Provides value to clients and projects. Independent assessment of installed works to mitigate risk of conflict of interest.