Construction Services

VA Sciences provides Construction Services through administering the Contract through a combination of periodical site inspections, responses to queries, review of variation to scope and advice on unforeseen latent conditions. We also attend witness testing of the commissioned works. This ensures that the project complies with the contract documents and project specific brief and standards. Once the project is complete, VA Sciences can offer further assistance through Defects Liability Services, by identifying any system faults and failures which have occurred during the 12 months Defects Liability Period to identify opportunities for further tuning of the building. Post Occupancy Evaluation is also available for projects with particular targets after DLP.

top view of group of engineer, technician and architect planning about building plan with blueprint and construction tools on the conference table at construction site, contractor and teamwork concept

Periodical and ongoing construction phase administration of the engineering services ensures that the project maintains quality of installation, accuracy of scope and reduces cost through mitigation of redundant works and maintaining project timelines. DLP and Post occupancy evaluation allows for the installed systems to be fine tuned to respond to the specific behaviours of occupants utilising their respective spaces.