Privacy Statement

At VA Sciences, your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We are dedicated to safeguarding the personal information that you entrust to us. This document outlines our approach to privacy and how we handle your personal information.

1. Personal Information Management

Your personal information is under your control at all times. Generally, our website can be explored without the need to disclose any personal details. However, to access certain protected areas, we may require some personal information from you. This could include details such as your name, address, email address, phone number, job title, etc., collectively referred to as “User Information.” Instructions for opting out of our communications will be clearly provided within the confirmation emails and any subsequent communications from us.

2. Application of User Information

Our goal in collecting personal information is to support your relationship with VA Sciences by tailoring our website content to your preferences and informing you about new products and services as they are launched. Your User Information may be used to ensure adherence to our terms of service, understand visitor trends, enhance user profiles for better service, and to contact you through various means. If you prefer not to be contacted by us using your personal information, you have the option to notify us, and we will respect your wishes. However, we advise individuals under the age of 18 not to provide any personal information.

3. Sharing of User Information

VA Sciences does not sell, exchange, or disclose User Information to third parties without your consent, except to our business partners for legitimate marketing and promotional purposes. For instance, we might share User Information with vendors for direct email marketing of our newsletters or alerts on VA Sciences offerings. We may also disclose User Information under specific circumstances, such as with your consent, to provide requested products/ services, in response to legal orders, or if our Terms of Use are violated.

4. Accuracy and Protection of User Information

VA Sciences prioritises the accuracy and security of your personal information. You have the right to access and request updates to any information we hold about you, ensuring it remains accurate. We are dedicated to promptly correcting any inaccuracies in your data. To safeguard your personal details against unauthorised access, VA Sciences implements rigorous physical, electronic, and managerial measures. Our comprehensive security protocols ensure your information is protected, maintaining your trust in our commitment to your privacy.

5. Usernames and Passwords

Some areas of our website are restricted and can only be accessed with a username and password, provided under particular agreements. It’s your responsibility to keep these credentials confidential and not to share them with others. Accessing these secured sections is governed by our Terms of Use. We emphasise the importance of privacy and security in these sensitive areas, ensuring only authorised users can view the content. Adhering to these guidelines helps protect your personal information and maintains the integrity of our secure site.

6. Use of Cookies

VA Sciences utilises cookies to improve your online experience. These cookies retain non-sensitive information such as usernames and preferences, simplifying navigation for subsequent visits. Importantly, our cookies do not keep personal details like credit card numbers. You have the flexibility to adjust your browser settings to decline cookies, which, however, might limit your access to specific areas of our site. This approach ensures a balanced blend of convenience and privacy, allowing for a personalised browsing experience while adhering to Australian privacy standards and respecting your data protection rights.

7. Identity Information

Our policy adheres to Australian privacy laws, focusing on collecting identity details from necessary documents for specific financial activities or identity verification with entities. This includes names, birth dates, and contacts, gathered strictly with your consent and used solely for its intended purposes. We implement stringent measures to protect this data against unauthorised access or misuse. You have the right to access, review, and correct your information at any time, ensuring its accuracy and security. Our commitment is to safeguard your privacy, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your identity information with the highest level of care.

8. Financial Information

VA Sciences may gather financial details including your account name, BSB, and account number, essential for processing payments or conducting transactions. Importantly, while we collect information necessary to facilitate these financial activities, we explicitly do not retain credit card numbers to ensure your security. This data is collected with your consent and used strictly for the transactions you authorise. We deploy advanced security measures to protect your financial information against unauthorised access, aligning with Australian privacy standards. Your right to access and update your financial information is fully supported, reinforcing our commitment to safeguarding your financial privacy and trust.

9. Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy explains how VA Sciences handles personal information across all business interactions, including but not limited to the use of our website,, services, and products. It details our commitments to privacy, including the collection, use, and protection of your personal data, regardless of how it is gathered. By engaging with VA Sciences in any manner, you consent to the data practices described in our Privacy Policy. For a complete understanding of how we manage and protect your personal information or to request a copy of our Privacy Policy, please contact us directly.

10. Term of Use

Our Terms of Use document further outlines the legal aspects of using the VA Sciences website, including limitations and liabilities.

11. Queries

Should you have any inquiries about our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our Contact Us page.